Objectives & Strategies

Our strategic goal is the sustainable increase of the company value. In every regional segment and in both distribution channels (EJT and DS) the focus lies on the continuous extension of business activities and the increase in market shares in all business segments. We also rely on targeted acquisitions that will contribute to the diversification of our business and strengthen company growth. By focusing on innovations, sustainability and a high service quality, we seek to increase the added value for our customers and thus secure our competitive position as well as our future ability.


High-quality joining technology and sustainable product solutions

The technological requirements of our customers must meet constantly change. Increasing environmental consciousness, rising fuel costs and growing cost pressure also play key roles for virtually every industry. Other factors include binding targets by lawmakers that place special requirements on the materials used, particularly in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. Therefore we focus on value-added solutions that assist our customers in reducing emissions, leakages, weight, space and installation time. Each year, we invest around 5% of our EJT sales in research and development activities to sustainably strengthen our power of innovation.


Robust business model through broad diversification

Broad diversification with respect to the products, regions and end markets we operate in represents the core of our growth strategy. We expand and strengthen our business activities and international presence by constantly adding application solutions for existing EJT customers, identifying and signing up new EJT customers, extending and deepening our customer base in the area of Distribution Services and entering new markets with attractive growth potential. We see immense growth potential especially in the emerging markets where demand for advanced engineered joining technology is on the rise in all industries due to the ongoing industrialization and increasing quality requirements.


Highest quality standards and strong brands

Although our joining products make up a relatively small value proportion of the final product, they are often mission-critical. The Group-wide compliance with highest quality standards and a stringent quality management process thus play a crucial role.

The area Distribution Services which offers and sells more standardized brand products is based on a specific, regionally-driven brand strategy that is tailored on the respective performance parameters of our well-known brands. In this business unit, the focus is on ensuring high-quality service and the availability of products at all times. We ensure this through our worldwide distribution network.


Ongoing efficiency improvements

In order to increase our profitability, we focus on continuously improving processes in all functional areas and regions. Our Global Excellence Program serves as an important tool for achieving this. As part of this program, all internal operative processes are continuously optimized. Projects on increasing efficiency are systematically recorded and monitored using a web-based program. The aim of the program is to be able to absorb and minimize both the unexpected negative cost developments and inflationary cost increases.


Value-added acquisitions to enforce growth

By making selected acquisitions, we intend to contribute to the diversification of our business activities and strengthen our growth. Acquisitions are therefore an integral part of our long-term growth strategy. The main focus of our M&A activities is always on companies that help to realize our diversification objectives and/or to generate synergies. The preservation of growth and high profitability also play an important role.